Victim/survivors of sexual violence

Victim/survivors' safety and security

Victim/survivors of domestic and family violence

Victim/survivors and cultural considerations

Victim/survivors' criminalisation

Victim/survivors' access to justice

Victim/survivors' help-seeking behaviour

Prioritising First Nations' voices in family violence solutions

Improving access to culturally appropriate support for First Nations people

Addressing violence against women with a multidisciplinary framework

The Deakin Research on Violence Against Women (DRVAW) Hub is led by a cross-Faculty group of Deakin researchers with expertise in the area of violence against women, including gendered violence; intimate partner violence; and family violence. The DRVAW Hub will provide regular opportunities for Deakin researchers to collaborate and identify further areas of expertise, host events and build capacity for the development of research collaborations with academics from other Faculties / Universities, and community and government stakeholders. The Hub will provide a platform for addressing issues addressed in The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022, the recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence report (2016) and the Victorian Government’s Report Ending Family Violence – Victoria’s 10-year Plan for Change.