Dr. Lata Satyen is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia and a Registered Psychologist. She has been teaching psychology for the last 22 years in Cross-cultural, Forensic and Clinical Psychology. Her expertise is in the area of migrant wellbeing and family violence, especially in relation to the cultural factors that mediate family violence. She has published her work in high impact factor journals such as Trauma, Violence and Abuse, The Journal of Interpersonal ViolenceThe Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health and has authored a chapter for the Handbook of Domestic Violence. She has obtained several grants to address gender inequality and family violence in culturally diverse communities and to train maternal and child health practitioners in advanced family violence prevention approaches. She regularly conducts workshops on evidence-based prevention and intervention programs to address family violence in culturally diverse communities for a range of health service providers. 

Lata also works as a pro-bono psychologist and assists victims of family violence in critical and non-critical situations. In this role, Lata works with the entire gamut of agencies involved in victim and child protection including the family and magistrates’ courts, the medical system, immigration review systems, country consulates, legal professionals, health service providers and local Councils. In 2017, she obtained the Government of Victoria Award for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs for her work in the area of family violence with migrant communities. In 2019, Lata won a team Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Award from the Government of Australia for the project addressing prevention of family violence in culturally diverse communities. 

Lata serves as an advisor on the HARMONY project that examines training approaches for medical practitioners to address family violence in migrant and refugee communities. She also serves on a range of family violence committees and contributes to evidence-based policy development in the area of family violence prevention in culturally diverse communities. Her work has been cited in parliament as part of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and she has contributed to the efforts of the Royal Commission into Family Violence and the Family Violence Implementation Report Monitor

You can access Lata’s Deakin University staff profile here >.